American Recycling Now Accepting CRV

aluminum cans

As part of American Recycling’s expanded recycling program, we are now accepting CRV materials. In a bid to become Central California’s one-stop recycling solution, accepting materials like aluminum cans is important. Most people aren’t aware of the regulation and inspection that is involved when a recycling company decides to accept CRV materials.

Infrastructure Upgrade

Accepting CRV bottles and cans required many upgrades to American Recycling’s facility. These were part of a million dollar expansion completed in 2012, and included scales, bins, and a state of the art security camera system, among other things. The recycling operations are monitored remotely 24/7, and in full cooperation with local authorities, American Recycling is providing live on-demand video access to local law enforcement. Our goal is to provide a safe recycling environment.

Recycling Bottles and Cans Benefits California

Whether you are saving cans to pay for summer barbecues, as part of a civic cleanup program, or as an environmentally friendly fundraiser for your group or charity, recycling makes a difference. In 2009, Californians recycled 17 billion beverage containers, out of 22 billion sold. That’s pretty good, but the unrecycled 4 billion containers represent over $100 million in unpaid CRV redemption!

The time has never been better to jump into bottle and can recycling, and American Recycling is here to help.