New Focus on Metal Recycling

Baled Cans

American Recycling has recycled metal since the beginning, but our million dollar expansion in 2012 included in part several facility upgrades designed to specifically address metal recycling on a larger scale. Material handling equipment, holding areas, bins and scales are all 100% installed and ready.

Large Scale and Small

We are equipped to handle truckloads of industrial metal scrap, but also to accept small amounts of recyclable material from individuals. We literally have both large and small scales, so if you’ve been wondering what to do with that pile of old copper pipe, now you know. It is surprising how quickly the dollars mount, even for a small amount of the more costly grades of non-ferrous metal.

Industrial Metal Recycling

If you have a waste stream that includes metal, we want to look at it, especially if you’ve been told it’s “not recyclable”. It takes experience to find a home for every grade out there, and not everyone has it. We offer no-cost evaluation of your waste metal materials, just ask.

Facility cleanups, industrial equipment and machines, one-time oddball loads of scrap, if it’s recyclable we want it.