Operation Clean Sweep


Operation Clean Sweep © is a joint program between The Plastics Division of the American Chemistry Council (ACC) and The Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI) with a seemingly simple goal: Resin pellets should be contained, reclaimed and/or disposed of properly.

With the spotlight being thrown on marine plastic pollution and it’s adverse effects on wildlife and the environment, ACC and SPI are working together on a revitalized OCS program to strengthen efforts to educate and change behavior in the plastics industry with a goal of zero pellet loss.

Supporters include Jean-Michel Cousteau:

“Litter is not an issue of type of debris, but one of personal responsibility. We ALL share in the responsibility to prevent litter — stopping debris before it reaches our stormwater drains where it can drift to our oceans. Protect our oceans and we protect ourselves.”

— Jean-Michel Cousteau
Explorer, environmentalist, educator, film producer

American Recycling finds markets for unwanted resin pellets, as well as other pre and post manufacturing plastic material. If you have plastic material in your waste stream we want to find a way to recycle it.