Paper Industry’s Recovery Goal – A Success Story

paper bales

The forest, paper, and wood products industry, represented nationally by the American Forest & Paper Association (AF&PA) trade association, has been a partner with EPA in its commitment to recycling. More paper is recovered in America for recycling (measured in terms of weight) than all other materials combined (except for steel). More than one third (37 percent) of the raw material fiber US papermakers use comes from recovered paper. In 1990, the US forest and paper products industry voluntarily established a goal of recovering 40 percent of the paper consumed in the US. That goal was achieved in 1996. The industry went on to establish a 50 percent recovery goal, which was achieved in 2003, and a 55 percent recovery goal by 2012. The recovery rate reached 56 percent in 2007 — five years ahead of schedule — and the industry has set a new 60 percent recovery goal by 2012. Since 1994, significantly more paper has been recovered in America than landfilled.

– source US EPA